Getting Married In Ecuador

Flying To Ecuador

    After the June 10k Challenge I flew to Ecuador to get married with Luana. This was awesome. I took about 1 month off to get to know her family and enjoy myself. The first day in Ecuador I was alone without Luana. This was a good chance to get to know her family before she arrived.


Austin & Lua's Wedding 2

    Within the first few weeks I was in Ecuador we went to Cruciata to have an amazing time at the beach. This was really cool. I especially loved the food and the fruit. I gotta say Ecuador has the most amazing fruit on the planet. No other country I have been to even comes close except maybe Indonesia.

 After we came back to Quito we got ready for the wedding. My parents flew down which is crazy. It was really hard for me to get my mom out of USA. I had to basically fill out her passport application for her in order for her to come. During the wedding and we all had an amazing time. Thanks to her family for hosting an amazing Wedding party. Without them our wedding would have been pretty lame Lol. Me and Lua really suck at planning and our idea was to have a potluck pick-nick so this was way cooler then that. Also thanks to my mom for making both of our wedding rings.



Social Media Marketing

    Later I decided to dedicate my time to learn how to run a Social Media Marketing Company. The idea was simple. I would make a marketing company that would not only fund my music but also to use as a tool to advertise my music.

    At first this went pretty well. I had already done a lot of the ground work with the company structure when I was still in Argentina. This is one of the projects that I really wanted to work on. I wanted to scale a company fast with out doing a lot of the ground work myself so I came up with this brilliant plan. I would hire some commission based agents to sell for me. I would help enable them and teach them how to find interested leads. If they found a warm lead then either me or Ean would take the call to try and make the sale. If we did then they would get a commission for it. I put out some adds on Facebook and looking for agents. I set up an automated skype bot to help filter people out without me having to interact with them. I also made a Facebook group where I posted trainings and live cold call videos. (The group still exists though I don’t use it. if you want to join to see you can do so here).

    The crazy thing is it actually worked. We managed to land 3 contracts within our first 60 days. This was $5,000 a month in revenue within 60 days and that to me was insane. This is where the problems occurred. I thought I could hands off the whole process and simply teach people how to do the marketing. The problem was not only did I fail to train and lead my team right but I also failed to pay proper attention to the contracts that we had. I stupidly put things on autopilot and instantly started working on my music. After 2 months the contracts were already gone. It was 100% my fault for not giving proper attention to the business and my failure to understand how to lead a team.


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A Change Of Mindset

     By this point I was so far into working on the music that I decided even though these contracts canceled I would continue to work on the music. This is the best decision I have ever made although it was really rough when I started. At this point we no longer had an income so we decided to move from Pifo Ecuador to Salinas Ecuador. This was due to the fact that A. There was a beach and B. our rent was only $100 a month!

    When we got to Salinas I did not have a good routine at all. I would eat out all the time and It seemed like my day was just sapped away instantly. I started working on Fiverr but it was only making about $100 the first month I started. This was not livable. While I was in Salinas I met this awesome person named Mike who taught me all about how to live without having a job or having to worry about money or items. This guy changed my life forever and I will always love him for that. I learned so many things from him it is Insane!

    He also  taught us about house sitting. This is where you can go and stay at a house for free while people are on vacation. All you have to do is make sure that the animals are okay, the plants are alive and robbers don’t come and loot their house. So we decided to try it. We applied for a bunch of housed and landed one in Brazil! How amazing. I had always wanted to go to Brazil. So there we go packing our bags and getting ready to travel to Brazil from Ecudaor on the Amazon River.

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