I Dropped Out Of University

Returning From Europe

    When I got back from Europe I wanted to get my life started like now! I convinced my parents to get my GED and drop out of High School so I could start University 1 year earlier. So that is what I did, even though my old high school did not really appreciate it.

    Going to University is so much better then High School it is no joke. I took tons of different music classes with amazing teachers. I had one class called Aural lab where I needed to listen to someone play a song on piano and write it down on sheet music. I remember my teacher in that class was amazing. He played piano so well. It really taught me a lot.

    At fist I went to school for a degree in Guitar Performance. I passed all my classes but me and the main guitar teacher did not get along to well. That led me to switch my degree to liberal arts. Liberal arts is super cool because it’s basically a “Make your own degree”, You can pretty much choose to take any classes you want. I took mostly music, and physical classes.

Lobo’s Got Talent

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    During my sophomore year I played at Lobo’s Got Talent with my friend Tomas. This was one of the biggest shows I have ever played. It was definitely over 1000 people. We played so well that we got the whole crowd to start clapping to the beat. When you have hundreds of people clapping the beat and your playing that fast it is really hard to stay on tempo. This is because the clap will happen after you play the note. I had to be really focused to pull it off. We ended up getting tied for 3rd place with one other act. It was really close

Time To Change

   This was pretty cool for a while. I really enjoyed it. Then I started to ask my teachers some questions. Questions like “How do I get concerts?”, “How do I bring people to shows?”, “How do I make fans?”… But the problem was that they did not have an answer for me. They would say something like “I don’t know I am just a teacher…”. Quickly I realized that if I want to learn how to get to where I want to go I need to look elsewhere. This lead me to believe that marketing could be the answer. If I can just learn how to market then I will be able to get shows and bring people. So I switched to Business Administration – Marketing. 

    This sucked. I had to take calculus, Micro/Macro Economics, Statistics…Basically the most boring classes you can think of. At this time I started to resell stuff on the internet as well. I would buy broken phones & laptops and fix them for resale on Facebook. We also sold Android boxes and Firesticks to people who loved to watch tv.  I was setting up meetings on Facebook to sell stuff in class and meeting up in between classes. Sometimes I would even leave a class to go drop off something. It was hectic…but I liked it.

My First Company

   Eventually it came time for me to want to open a business. I wanted to do Liquidation Auctions from sites like bstock. Buy and sell pallets of electronics at wholesale prices. In order to do this I needed a resale certificate. That is when I asked my business teacher what would be the best company structure top open right now for this type of business. He told me… “I don’t know I have never ran a business before.” Yeah….seems familiar right? Needless to say I opened a Sole Proprietorship which was a mistake.

    Right around the same time I got in a wreak and totaled my car. Started using my moms car to go to school and this was not ideal for me. I kept thinking in the back of my mind… I need to go to Argentina to go see Tincho. I was also thinking that I should go back to Seattle.  Then one night I got drunk with my friend Tristan.

Austin & Tristan Playing On The Street

He told me “Dude its like your trying to go after two chicks. Seattle is a chick and Argentina is a chick. You can only pick one.” This was amazing advice for me at the time. A week later I dropped out of University and started saving up money to go to Argentina with the date July 31st. About 8 months ahead. This is where my life begins to get really crazy.

Stay tuned to hear what happens when Austin goes back to Argentina…

Austin & Tristan On The Street

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