Playing Concerts In Argentina

Breaking Ground

    Soon after I Dropped out of university he set out to leave to Argentina by July 31st. I had about 9 months to figure out how to make the money to pull it off. Instantly I decided to go from NM, to Denver Colorado to stay at my dads house. This is where I  began to grind. I would buy and sell electronics, do small odd jobs and dropship on ebay day in and day out. I got a new car and paid it off then right before I was about to leave I sold the car and bought my ticket. I had $3,000 a plane ticket and a income dropshipping on ebay. 

    It was really scary for me to go to Argentina. I knew absolutely 0 Spanish. The first day I arrived Me and Tincho mixed our time zones up. He thought I was supposed to come at noon and I was coming in at midnight. Needless to say I showed up in Argintina in the middle of the night with nobody there to help me and 0 Spanish skills.

    Tincho was not answering the phone so I decided to get a taxi to the nearest hotel. After spending 7 minutes to explain to the guy I needed a hotel he finally understood what I needed and took me. This hotel was ratty as hell. there were wires hanging out of the walls and the door was split in the bathroom due to water damage. I decided that I would get up the next morning and find Tincho myself. 


    Then the next morning happened and I got a call from Joaco our vocalist. He swung by to pick me up and take me over to Tinchos house. It was nice to get to know him for the first time and he seemed like a really nice guy.  When we got to Tinchos house we jammed together and had a mate. It was finally time to start grinding for real!

    We made an amazing plan to do music and business. I had this “Great” idea that we would use the ebay dropshipping to fund the music. Needless to say It did not work out that way. At first things were going amazing!


Austin Tincho & Joaco
Austin Reed 7

    Within days I played my first concert in Argentina at a Casino in Rio Ceballos. We started practicing a lot to get the songs down to an unbelievable level. We only had about 20 songs down but those songs were awesome. 

    Around this same time I was doing a photoshoot with the guys at a park in Rio Ceballos. We were speaking English like we always do but to locals that is really strange. This girl comes up and starts talking to us in English. Her name was Luana. It turns out she was the most beautiful person in the world and we would get married.

Austin with Leit Motiv playing at Memphis in Cordoba

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Some of my funnest times were of me practicing with my friends in Argentina. I no longer felt like I was missing something. As long as I was working on music everything was okay. 

   Soon the ebays were growing a lot so we had a lot of time to work on the business and not very much for music. It seemed like we were working every day to meet this goal so it would fund the music.  

    These were some of the biggest mistakes of my life. I should have never tried to mix my income with the band. It was not a good idea. Also at that time I thought money would pay for this and that. That is the wrong way to think. You should always 100% your main goal and everything else can kick rocks. We decided to open a LLC together to umbrella the ebays. Then 3 months later Joaco decided to leave the band and the ebays and we had to pay him out for his portion of the company. At the time we agreed that was $2,000 and we would do payments on it. 

Crash And Burn

When he left the company began to crash. Not only were we making less money but we also had more expenses because of the employees. I was an amateur and did not know how to properly train and lead members of my team. Expenses went up, Profits went down month after month. It got to the point to where a lot of the items were not selling anymore. This is partly due because the dropshipping market got flooded with new people by this time. Either way I basically went broke in Argentina. 

    I also wanted to do music with Tincho but he lost interest. He told me that he did not believe in my voice and he did not like the way it sounds. Back then my singing sucked. It has only been 2 years but I have gotten so much better from then it is insane. Either way that hurt me a lot. I was in despair. This was a big life defining moment. Do I take my biggest dream in life and throw it in the garbage? Do I just give up and do something else with myself?

    It took me a couple of weeks to figure it out. I will be successful no matter what anybody thinks. I need to be a successful musician. For me it is not an option at all. There is no question. When I don’t work on music I feel like I am wasting my life away. Sometimes it gets to the point to where I can’t enjoy videogames or events because of it. So I  made my decision. Let’s go to Ecuador. But first I need to get rid of my debt problem.

   I left for Argentina with $3,000 and I came back with about $7,000 of debt. This was not a smart choice. But i did come out of it with some good things. I learned more about singing, music, business, habits then i did in my whole time at university and I found my wife Luana Maranz.

Stay Tuned To See What Happens In Ecuador!

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