The June 10K Challenge

    When I got back to Denver from Argentina I was broke. I had a lot of credit card debt, paying to get out of my house lease in Argentina, Flights and I owed an investor money. I had to come up with a plan and fast. So I decided to challenge myself to make $10,000 in 1 month. This was one of the boldest challenges that I have done. I needed to go to Ecuador to meet up with my future wife so I had no other option.


      I could not make 10k in one month without a plan. Dropshipping was off the table so I needed to come up with something new. My plan was to buy and sell electronics like I did in university. At this point I had 1 tablet I brought from Argentina to sell. Along side that I needed to find something else because this would not be enough to make 10k a month. So I decided to hit up craigslist every morning for a few hours to see if I could make some deals happen. 

Time To Grind

    Day 1 started off surprisingly well and crappy at the same time. I made a bunch of phone calls on craigslist gigs to try and find something to do. I managed to land 1 job after quite a few phone calls and emails. I got paid $13 an hour to dig holes for a pond. It was brutal and I absolutely ruined my hands. I had tons of blisters but by the end of the day I walked away with 100 bucks. Now If I make $100 a day for 30 days I will only have $3k. This is not enough to reach my goal So I had to keep evolving.

   While I worked the sign job something really cool happened. I was talking with the manager at Toys R Us and they were seriously understaffed because people had quit. They wanted me to work helping them manage the stock inside for $15 an hour. This was also a super cool opportunity. I told them I would take the job as long as I was able to meet up and do sales during my shift if I got one. They said as long as I gave a few hours notice that would be fine.

    The cool thing about this job is they let me work up to 50 hours a week so that added a bit of overtime pay. that overtime pay was pretty sweet. Still with this job and the Sign job I still would not make my 10k goal so I had to keep thinking about what I could possibly do. 

      As time went on I sold more and more electronics. I made a deal at Toys R Us to buy some of their stock for super cheap and I sold that too. I also sold a few Ebay coachings in the month. I got to say I made it super close to my goal to be honest. I made just under $9k. $8955 to be precice. I could have made more because i had a few days of the month left but I decided to leave to Ecuador to go see Luana. Also I had two Samsung Galaxy S8+ Phones that I did not sell because I decided to keep them. 


    This to me was not a failure at all. This was a major success. The fact that I can make $9k in 1 month from nothing and practically erase a huge chunk of my debt is a really big deal. This proved to myself that everything is possible. 

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